Murshidabad Hazarduari History Popular Places – 2019

Murshidabad hazarduari place also knows as the Bara Kothi. it is located on the campus of Kila Nizmat. Also, it is present in West Bengal which is built by  Duncan Macleod under the reign Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah who was Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa.

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Hazarduari in Murshidabad Place Famous for

It was 19th-century Italian-Style Place Built in Greek (Doric) Style. Also, It is 3rd Floor building with 80 feet height. In Hazarduari popular place like Imambara, Murshidabad clock tower, Madina Masque, chawk masjid, etc.

Hazarduari Means

Hazarduari word means “a place with a thousand door”. Hazar means “thousand” and duari means “the one with doors”

In this place, 1000 of doors was present here. Nawab was planning for predator when they are tried to escape from this place when they are confused between the original or duplicate door Because between 1000 doors 100 doors was false. in this gap nawab guard coming and successfully catch the predator.

How can you go Murshidabad hazarduari?

First of all, take the train from Kolkata and reach the Murshidabad station. Then, take any autorickshaw asking about hazarduari and take that vehicle so easily reach hazarduari and its only 3km far away from the Murshidabad station.

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If You need to train details you can check the IRCTC website about the train.

Which Day Hazarduari closed?

Friday is closed hazarduari. also, noted the ticket price is Rs.10 for Indians or Rs.100 for any foreigner.  the place visiting time should be between  9 am to 5 pm.

Murshidabad hazarduari Video


You will love it if you visit this place especially go from November to December time. so that time you can enjoy a walk. the walk is the best way to see the hazarduari place. you must follow local guide rules.


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